Interactive Geo Animations

On this page links to several Geography shockwave flash animations. These simulations can help you to understand processes like Plate tectonics, the ITCZ, Seafloorspreading, Caldera forming and Hotspots

Layers of the Earth >>>
Earth and soil layers >>>

Geology / Evolution
Geologic Timeline >>> 
Evolution on a timeline >>>
Earth’s time line >>>
The 24 hour geological clock >>>
Britain’s Rocky past >>>>
An interactive reconstruction of the last Eurasian ice age.  >>>
Earthviewer : Geological history on a tilting map  >>> 
Formation of oil >>>

Climate & wind systems 
Earthguide to the layers in the atmosphere >>>
The Weather pat ITCZ animation >>>
The Pretice Hall El Nino animation >>> 
El Nino in a NASA timeline >>>
El Nino in a animation and 2009 timeline  >>>
Global Windcirculation >>>
The Greenhouse effect >>> 
What is Albedo >>>
A quick explanation of the Greenhouse effect >>>
The Biomes on earth >>>  
Atmosphere aircirculation and winds >>>

Plate tectonics
The basics of platetectonics >>>
The Mountain maker Earth shaker animation >>>
Platetectonics module >>> 
Seafloor spreading >>>
Seafloorspreading & Terrane forming  >>>
Motion at Plate Boundaries  >>>
Plates interactive >>>
Subduction >>>
Plate Boundary Features >>>
Plate tectonics from Pangea until now >>>
The India Asia collission >>> 
Divergent Bounderies (Rift valley) >>> 
Convection currents in the earth    >>>
Platebounderies on a interactive map >>>
A Plate tectonics Puzzle >>>> 
Tectonics Chili compared to Sumatra >>>
San Andreas fault >>>
Earthguide interactive world tectonics map >>>
Platetectonics and the Geological timeline >>>

4 types of volcanoes >>> 
The BBC animated guide to volcanoes >>>>
Tectonic settings of Volcanic activity >>>
Formation of a Caldera >>> 
Build your own volcano >>> 
Predicting Eruptions >>> 
The Formation of Hotspot volcanoes >>>
Hotspot volcano tracks (a pearsons animation) >>>
Hot springs and Geysers >>>

The weather & wind 
Types of rainfall >>> 
Windpatterns on the northern hemisphere >>> 
High pressure (form juicy Geography) >>> 
The actual windpatterns on earth >>> 

Storms & Hurricanes
Structure and formation of Hurricanes >>>
The formation of Tornadoes (a pearsons animation)  >>>
How a Hurricane forms on the Atlantic >>>
The BBC Tornado guide >>> 
The BBC Hurricane guide >>> 
Create a Hurricane >>> 
Hurricane Categories on a scale >>>>

Earth & Sun 
Seasons and ecliptic simulator >>>> 
A very simple sunlight angle simulation >>> 
The pearsons earth-sun simulation >>>
Daylight hours explorer >>>
Tidal animation >>>
The Lunar Phase simulator >>>
The coriolis effect (a pearson animation) >>>
Coriolis Southern Hemisphere >>>>
Lenght of planet earth’s day and night >>>
Phases of the moon >>>
Declination of the Earth 1590 – 1990 >>>
Eclipse interactive >>>
Motions of the sun simulator >>> 
Daylight simulator (Daylight and nighttime regions on a flat map of Earth) >>

Meander proces in a river >>> 
The meander process explained >>> 
A Floodplain >>>
Modes of Sediment transport in a river >>>
Sediments transports by streams >>>
Interactive Floodmodel with Hydrograph >>>
A River erodes land into an canyon >>>
BBC animation : Dainage Bassin & Hydrograph >>>
The simulation of a lock >>> 
The simulation of a waterfall >>>>
Timelaps of a meandering river >>> 
Riverdischarge and lagtime in a Hydrograph >> 
Riverdischarge explained with a Hydrograph  >>> 

Sea & Coastal processes
Wave motion and Fraction >>>
Anatomy of a beach and coastal processes  >>>
Beachdrift and Longshore currents >>>
Ocean and windcurrents (a NOAA anmation) >>>
Ocean currents: a Interactive  model bij Pearson >>>
Coastal welling >>>
Natural upwelling >>>
Tides… a animation >>>
The tidal cycle by Pearson >>>

The 2004 Aceh tsunami in a animation  >>>
The BBC animated guide to Tsunami’s >>>
What caused the 2011 tsunami in Japan >>>
What is a tsunami, a animation by Pearson >>>
The 2004 Aceh tsunami with details platetectonics Indonesia >>> 
What is a tsunami? (by NOAA/USGS)  >>>
Several sources for a tsunami >>>

Erosion and Weathering
Forms of Weathering  >>>
Winderosion in the Desert (Desert Pavement) >>
Erosion and Transport  >>>
The Rock cycle >>>
Features in the United States >>>> 
Erosion in the US on a map >>>>

Soil & Soilprocesses
Soil Profile Development >>>
Soil Horizons >>>>
Groundwater >>>>
Groundwater in a valley >>>>
Surface water & Groundwater >>>
The effect of a pumping well >>> 

Make a landslide on a hill >>>
Massmovements >>> 
Liquefaction >>>

Glacial Processes
What is Permafrost >>>
Simulation of a glacier >>>>
A retreating Rhone glacier >>>>
Permafrost in a model >>>
A glacier valley >>>
Icewedges  >>>
How ground Freezes >>> 
Landforms made by Permafrost >>> 
Permafrost and greenhouse gases >>> 
Permafrost in Alaska & Canada explained >>>> 
An interactive reconstruction of the last Eurasian ice age.  >>>

Formation of a Sinkhole >>>
Sinkholes & Caves explained  >>>
A Zoomable landscape with karst features >>>>

Latitude and longitude.. choose a point >>>> 

The rise of megacities in a timeline  >>>> 
The development of a shantytown >>> 
Megacities in a Esri storymap >>>>>>>