The Okjökull glacier

Scientists have discovered that the Okjokull glacier has disappeared in Iceland. It is melted and therefore no longer exists.

De Okjökull in 1986

For hundreds of years, the Ok volcano crater in the Langjökull region of Iceland was covered with a glacier. Around 1900 the Okjökull (jökull is Icelandic for “glacier”) was still about 38 km2 in size and the ice sheet was 50 meters thick. But that is no longer the case

The glacier has melted considerably, now more than 100 years later there is barely 1 km2 left of the Okjökull. On satellite images from 2019 we only see scattered ice remains on the volcano, also in the crater. But the fixed ice sheet that was still visible in the 1980s has disappeared.

NASA scientists, among others, have now declared the Okjökull dead. We can therefore remove the jökull addition, because there is no longer a glacier…. it’s ok now … or actually not ok !

De Okjökull in 2019

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