The Easton Bavents cliffs

Coastal erosion is a huge problem on the rocky coasts of France and Great Britain. Large cliffs are swept away and villages simply disappear into the sea.

The Easton Bavents cliffs in Suffolk with the #Easternmosthouse from Juliet Blaxland. Photo : @JulietBlaxland

I wrote earlier on Geographical news about Skipsea Yorkshire where every year 2 meters coastline dissapeare in the sea .

But things are also going fast on the more southerly situated Suffolk coast. Juliet Blaxland and her husband in Easton Bavents are experiencing it in person. In 2000 there were two other houses between their house and the sea. A year ago the cliff was 25 meters from the house, now only 20 meters.

Officially they have to leave the house in February because then it becomes too dangerous but the demolition of the rocks is now going so fast that they probably won’t make it.

March 2020:

The house is demolished in the last week of 2019  >>>>>>

The house is gone and the sea took another 3 m of cliff >>>

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