Floods in Dutch Rivers

After heavy winter rains in France, Belgium and Germany and melting snow in the Alpes it takes a only a few days and the Dutch rivers like Rhine, Meuse and IJssel start to flood.

Mostly in the man made flood bassins (Uiterwaarden) and river by passes or side channels (Nevengeulen) but there are also several high-water flood areas like the Noortwaard polder >>>

Because the Netherlands is vulnerable to flooding one organisation is responsable for our water safety. This is Rijkswaterstaat. Unitil 20 years ago the solution was building higher dykes ander other flood defence systems .

The new strategy is not only building higher defences but also give the rivers more room to flood. Rijkswaterstaat launched in 2000 the Room for the Rivers project. New and larger Flood Bassins, strategic Side Channels and High Water Flood areas are part of the new Strategy.

Rijkswaterstaat Room for the Rivers >>>>

Rijkswaterstaat >>>>

  A Twitter Photo compilation of this years flooding :

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