Floods in Dutch Rivers

After heavy winter rains in France, Belgium and Germany and melting snow in the Alpes it takes a only a few days and the Dutch rivers like Rhine, Meuse and IJssel start to flood. Mostly in the man made flood bassins (Uiterwaarden) and river by passes or side channels (Nevengeulen) but there are also several high-water flood areas like the … Lees verder >>

Mount St Helens 40 years ago

It is this week 40 years years ago the Mount Saint Helens in the US erupted On May 18, 1980 a major volcanic eruption occurred at Mount St. Helens, a volcano located in the state of Washington, United States. The eruption (a VEI 5 event) was the only significant one to occur in the contiguous 48 U.S. states since the … Lees verder >>

The Easton Bavents cliffs

Coastal erosion is a huge problem on the rocky coasts of France and Great Britain. Large cliffs are swept away and villages simply disappear into the sea. I wrote earlier on Geographical news about Skipsea Yorkshire where every year 2 meters coastline dissapeare in the sea . But things are also going fast on the more southerly situated Suffolk coast. … Lees verder >>

The Aral sea

The Aral Sea in Central Asia, once the fourth largest lake in the world, has been reduced since the Soviet regime after 1960 and to less than a quarter of its original size. The water has become seriously salty and fishing has almost completely disappeared because there is hardly any life left in what is left of the lake. Cause … Lees verder >>

White Island volcanic eruption

This weekend the New Zealand Volcano White Island erupted unexpectedly. In a volcano eruption in New Zealand, at least five people were killed and an unknown number were injured. People are still missing. There were probably a few dozen tourists on the island when the volcano suddenly erupted. A number of them have been evacuated. Podcast about Pyroclastic Eruptions >> … Lees verder >>

Coastal Erosion in the UK

Great Britain is getting a bit smaller every year … .. on the way to Smaller Britain? Every year a piece of the English coast crumbles due to the power of the sea. In some places, about 70 centimeters per year disappear from the famous cliff coasts. The island still has 500,000 years to go, according to geologists, until it … Lees verder >>

Land reclamation

Land Reclamation in the Netherlands 1300-2000 Around 17% of the country’s current land area has been reclaimed from the sea or lakes. Land Reclamation in the Netherlands 1300 Vs 2000 – https://t.co/3KL9AtGyWx pic.twitter.com/L6ELLt8McS — Brilliant Maps (@BrilliantMaps) July 3, 2017 … Lees verder >>

Salton sea

One of the world’s largest inland seas and lowest spots on earth at -227 below sea level, Salton Sea was re-created in 1905 when high spring flooding on the Colorado River crashed the canal gates leading into the developing Imperial Valley. Salton Sea State Recreation Area covers 14 miles of the northeastern shore and has long been a popular site … Lees verder >>

The Netherlands in 2 minutes

The Dutch rivers, the polders …. the cities in a few minutes See what the #Netherlands look like in 100 seconds. Turn your sound on for our new film. What do you think of what you see?#NetherlandsIn100Seconds #MoreTreesPlease #SpaceForNature pic.twitter.com/CBl8FWPs53 — Daniel Raven-Ellison (@DanRavenEllison) October 23, 2019 … Lees verder >>

Re-inhabitation of Small Town America

A lot of small villages in the USA didn’t grow for more than 50 years. They became forgotten Small Towns, Shitvilles…..However they are now discovered by people from the large cities. Waterville, Mississippi is a nice example. Less than a decade ago, Water Valley, Mississippi was a forgotten small town: there were 18 empty storefronts lining it’s four-block Main Street … Lees verder >>

The Ocean Cleanup

There are five “hotspots” in the oceans where all kinds of plastics have collected. All unbreakable stuff that floats on the sea and wind currents and that has accumulated in a number of places. Of those five places, “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is the largest. Here about 1/3 of all ocean plastic floats. A young Dutch student from the … Lees verder >>