Arctic Sea Ice

Last summer, a photo of fast-melting sea ice on Greenland went viral. Danish scientists were overwhelmed by the heat this summer and had to make their planned trip on sea ice with a solid layer of water. Melting sea ice is not in itself fearful. The melting season is always from June to August and is an annual phenomenon. In … Lees verder >>

The Okjökull glacier

Scientists have discovered that the Okjokull glacier has disappeared in Iceland. It is melted and therefore no longer exists. For hundreds of years, the Ok volcano crater in the Langjökull region of Iceland was covered with a glacier. Around 1900 the Okjökull (jökull is Icelandic for “glacier”) was still about 38 km2 in size and the ice sheet was 50 … Lees verder >>

Mont Blanc glacier

Mont Blanc glacier on brink of collapse Part of a glacier on a mountain in the Mont Blanc range is at risk of collapse, prompting Italian authorities to close roads and evacuate mountain huts. About 250,000 cubic metres of ice are in danger of breaking away from the Planpincieux glacier on the Grandes Jorasses peak, officials said. Source : Graphic … Lees verder >>

Solar solutions in Africa

In several Africa countries it is difficult to provide electricity or phonelines. That is why you see in these countries that the idea of ​​landline telephones has been skipped (as we have had for almost 100 years) and that most people have gone from nothing to a mobile phone. For example, a special path has now been taken with regard … Lees verder >>

African countries are building a “Great Green Wall “

Eleven African countries are moving ahead with an ambitious pan-African effort in the Sahel-Saharan region of the continent to protect arable land from the encroaching Sahara desert—by planting trees.     The countries—Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, and Senegal—came together in 2007 to execute the $2 billion dollar project to arrest the creeping desertification … Lees verder >>