Re-inhabitation of Small Town America

A lot of small villages in the USA didn’t grow for more than 50 years. They became forgotten Small Towns, Shitvilles…..However they are now discovered by people from the large cities. Waterville, Mississippi is a nice example.

Less than a decade ago, Water Valley, Mississippi was a forgotten small town: there were 18 empty storefronts lining it’s four-block Main Street and plenty of decaying homes for sale. Located only twenty miles from the University of Mississippi and the pricey town of Oxford , it was well-placed for revival.
In 2002, the first new inhabitants came from Oxford. They were early pioneers in the effort to rehabilitate the old 19th Century railroad town- turning their former drugstore into the Bozarts art gallery, but it took the formation of a community to create real change.
Water Valley is 3,500 people with a four-block long downtown. Since 2002 the team has been instrumental in bringing 88 new jobs to downtown. Adding 26 new businesses. Fixing buildings, more major renovations in 29 buildings. Adding 14 upper floor apartments. In that new business mix they have added four new restaurants, three art galleries, one grocery store, one doctor’s office and one brewery.”
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